Getting What Is Rightfully Yours

Getting What Is Rightfully Yours

  • Your Workers' Comp Claim And The Accident Report

    You can rest assured that if you have been injured on the job, your employer's workers' comp insurance will most likely cover your medical expenses and a portion of your lost wages while you recover from your injuries. One of the most important documents to your claim is the accident report, and in fact, you must file this report for the insurance company to even consider your claim. Having the benefits provided by workers' comp is vital, since you may be out of work due to your injuries and unable to pay your medical bills without it.

  • Food Poisoning: Do I Have A Case?

    After you have visited a restaurant, you may feel incredibly sick not too long afterward. You might then suspect that you are feeling ill because you decided to order fish. It tasted fine, but now you're relatively certain that the fish made you sick. When trying to decide whether you should sue the restaurant, you must determine whether the restaurant made you sick and whether the harm that you suffered was great enough to make a lawsuit worthwhile.

  • It Takes Time: Repetitive Stress Injuries And Getting Workers' Compensation

    You may already know that you are covered by your employer's workers' compensation insurance when you are injured at work. For qualifying injuries, you can be paid a portion of your lost wages while you are unable to work and all of your related medical expenses. Some injuries, however, don't occur in a single incident. Repetitive stress injuries are caused by repeating the same injurious motions time after time, such as in performing assembly line work or typing on a keyboard.

  • Two Important Healthcare Tips To Follow After A Car Accident

    If you've been involved in a car accident and you think that you may have a lawsuit, there are some dos and don'ts that you want to follow in the days and weeks following the accident. Do the right thing, and you can help your case (or at least not hurt it). Don't make some mistakes that can open you to unnecessary scrutiny afterwards. Here are two important guidelines regarding healthcare after an accident.

  • Getting Started With A Personal Injury Lawsuit

    If you were injured and think that you might have a strong personal injury lawsuit on your hands, then you probably have your hands full. To get a better idea of what you will need to do in the near future and when you will need to do it, here is a brief overview of the road ahead: Filing and the Statute of Limitations One of the first things that you need to do is actually file your lawsuit.

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    Getting What Is Rightfully Yours

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